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Old PCsenvironmental hazard 3231

KR Williams

I agree on the need of reliability. But I think PCs could run much longer than 3 years before risk of crash failure becomes an issue.

But I don't think a car is a good analogy to a desktop computer. Unlike a PC, which is replaced as a whole unit, a car has individual parts that are inspected and repaired-replaced at different times. I will replace a battery after so many years even if it tests "good" for that reliability, but the battery cost is far less than the car's cost. As a mechanical device, some parts such as hoses or exhaust may have warning signs of weakness in advance of a failure; routine maintenance checks for that. Also, if my car fails on the road, it's a major inconvenience, if my PC fails at work usually the inconvenience-adverse impact is much less.

Old PCsenvironmental hazard 3234
20 years. No, it is not easier. There are still whole business in place which will do the work to replace an auto. I have to do all of the work for...

The "book value" is merely value, an accounting entry, with no relation to cash. The real issue is the replacement cost. Regardless of the book value, the company has to spend real cash to replace an buttet. These days, many buttets have accelerated depreciation to gain tax advantages--that is, the book value useful life isn't quite matched to actual expected useful life.

As to loss of the PC sound card, it simply may be cheaper to scrap the whole laptop box than repair it; Many electronic devices today are like that--the cost of repair exceeds replacement (like when my TV at home died). But that is a separate issue than overall lifespan.

Expanded over the whole corporation five years is a nice savings over three years.

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They really aren't designed to last much longer than that. As I said somewhere else in this...

I think corporations could push for a six year expected life, that is, the PC makers (and their suppliers) would engineer their machines accordingly.

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Old PCsenvironmental hazard 3232

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