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Old PCsenvironmental hazard 3249

This is kind of the price of progress. Shiny new stuff means the old stuff isn't so good any more.

I just spent a week trying to get X11 7.0 from working for my ancient 3Dfx Voodoo 3 card. It was rather rough, as the tdfx drivers aren't actively maintained any more.

What was everyone's suggestion? Upgrade!

Security Old PCsenvironmental hazard
Charlie Gibbs For those unfamilar, Feynman broke into safes by thinking about the person and trying codes...

Unfortunately, I have a PIII-450 with only AGP 1x, and the newer video cards won't even physically plug in. So... lessee, that's a new motherboard, new memory, new CPU, and a lot of MBs use SATA and not IDE, and I'm not going to trash 4 perfectly good 80mb drives... plus 1GB of RAM that's working perfectly fine.

Oh yeah, and neither nVidia nor ATI provide source for their drivers so that you can update your kernel to get the latest USB bugfix that you need. Also, I read on a hardware site where it took the guys a week to get the drivers working right so they could do benchmarking, and these are guys that battle difficult hardware every day.

No, thanks. I'll keep my PIII-450. I'll spend the money on my motorcycles, where it does far more good.

Old PCsenvironmental hazard 3250
Migration can be planned. System crashes cannot. User training??? Define "defect". Do system die? Certainly. Particularly PC clbutt junk, though...

That's because the old pooe is buggy as hell, and there's no sense in trying to deal with the all the different braindamage of half-a-dozen old versions of half-a-dozen kinds of browsers.

Insisting on the latest version gives you some butturance that they'll be close to supporting most of the standards correctly.

FYI, another advantage of new browsers is plugins like flash-block and adblock, where it doesn't bounce around unless you want it to!


-- "I am vehy 'appy. Is possible to push vehy hard. And is possible win" - Valentino Rossi

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Old PCsenvironmental hazard 3250

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Old PCsenvironmental hazard 3248