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Old cars 1799

....And much as we hate to admit it it (and I'll always have a soft spot for cars I owned between 1952 and 1970 (all but one, the contemptible Anglia, Dagenham's revenge on unwary 'Merkins with little money), today's cars can be expected to run far further and and maybe for more years than were the autos of yesteryear. Sure, the metal is thinner and there's more plastic, but seeing daylight along the rocker panels (after the big flakes of rust had fallen off) is rare, and realtively trouble free careers of over 100,000 miles are the norm now. We may recall the good old days otherwise, but only a tiny percentage of cars actually rolled their clocks. 40,000 mile original equipment tires (and on an SUV)? Don't make me laugh! Brakes still working well approaching 60K? Not back then....

Old cars 1800
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The 8008 1802
Everything that we've done and is preserved is a very small Debt Collection of the entire work that was done. None of the material shows our trials and errors before we shipped the...

The other side of the coin is complete reliance upon professional repairmen, "specialty" shops (oil changes, formerly never or in the driveway) and the expense of replacement parts and systems. I can actually remember when a "big" car repair bill had a higher cost for labor than for parts. Even an $100 an hour is a bargain (as long as he doesn't screw up the contatcs on the replacement module trying to plug it in upside down).

The 8008 1803
Well .... More about this later. I think you've made a point in this post that isn't in the other discussion, and it's a good...

....and the COL is right about non-manufacturer extended warranties (even dealer ones). With marques disappearing and changing hands there days, even a Manufacturer's Warranty could become suspect. After all, where do you take your Studebaker? Seriously, however, in both the Saab (GMC) and Volvo (Ford) acquisitions, old parts production and warranty "reserves" were issues on contention. Especially in hotter parts of the US, Volvo had a miserable frequency of repair record on some component systems, and Jaguars are not a popular subject to raise with a couple of large peddlers of "extended warranties".

Do any here recall the 50s custom of installing "Glo-Plugs" (rigged to a hot dashboard rocker switch) in the inevitable dual chrome tail pipe extensions? Even lifting one's foot from the accelerator (or better yet, switching off the key momentarily) and "rocking" the switch could send a gout of flame several feet long to scorch the grill of a car following too closely. That, an aluminum car club ID plate hanging from chains from the rear bumper (hung just low enough from an already lowered rear end to kiss the pavement on departing stoplights), a bold steering wheel knob (the best contained photos of girls in skimpy bathing suits or even less), and a pack of Luckies rolled up in the left sleeve of a pristine white TShirt were about as good as life could get cerca 1955.

TM "and your own Zippo, not a cheap Japanese repro." Oliver

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Old cars 1800

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