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Old cars 1801

The 8008 1802
Everything that we've done and is preserved is a very small Debt Collection of the entire work that was done. None of...
The 8008 1803
Well .... More about this later. I think you've made a point in this post that isn't in the other discussion, and it's a good point: Knowing about...

So what was the odometer reading? When did this happen? Last Week? Two months after delivery? Basic, Extended, or Aftermarket Contract? It's impossible to Google for this, and it's too late to ask the owner. You said they had to fix it, but you don't know how many miles or time the car had when this occurred, nor do you know what coverage was in effect.

Fact Check, indeed.

But only if the tensioner is covered, and the rest is supposition.

Every warranty (at least those written by Chrysler lawyers) limits liability for incidental damage to normally uncovered items caused by a covered item. Perhaps it's a crystal ball that lets you see additional discretionary warranty allowances without knowing the time or miles or actual covered items.

Why Was: US Military Dead during Iraq War 1804
In fact, the performance limitations of the VAX-VMS system were probably mostly the price paid for...

And, for the benefit of those lads in the garage, who were probably laughing their arses off in the break room later, there is no moral obligation, completely apart from legal contract stuff, to repair damage caused by the continued operation of a car after the fan belt breaks, especially if the owner can explain in detail how she knew AT THE TIME that it was a bad thing that had just happened.

"Oh, I had some sort of catastrophic underhood failure that knocked out my power steering and my electrics, so I just kept driving. That's it Oprah, it's Lee Iacocca's fault. Operating a vehicle in an unsafe manner? Oh, that doesn't apply if you're in a hurry or stoopid or don't care or else expect a misunderstood warranty to cover the follow-on damage."

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The 8008 1802

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