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Outsourcing 549

Crash detection by OS
Del Cecchi processor crash for ha-cmp besides distributed lock manager, we had to do cluster membership Debt Management ... removal of member on possible failure as well as re-integrating a...

There are a number of places in the world where the rich and poor world meet at some sharp borders. The US has a long one at it's south side; Norway and Finland have one to the east1, the Malacca straits is another one (Malaysia has become quite a rich country lateley).

The EU is about to gain one of these borders, as Poland keeps developing at 12% yearly growth. There is another one across the Gibraltar straits.

Even in such places I haven't seen many examples of outsourcing to the poorer place at rich world terms. The shops right across the border tend to be quite low-send sweat shops and production lines, with quite a bit of vice trades thrown in.

When I think of my "Cunning Plan" to actually build a country in a shallow ocean I think of making a well-regulated free port. There wouldn't be room for many people there. And it needs be be in a warm place.

-- mrr

1 from the end terminal of the coastal liner "Hurtigruta" (Norway) to the train station in Nikel(Russia) with daily trains to St Peterburg there is a distance of around 12 kilometers; not more than the usual taxi ride.

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Crash detection by OS

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Outsourcing 548