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I wonder in this similar way as well. But notice that this is more than Tom Wolfe's single warrior. As a simple yes: sure. We actually have a parallel...

Actually back in 1963 it wasn't LLNL, it was LLL. George was hoping to be there, but he fell ill Sat. I saw him in the hospital the next evening. I brought his place holder seat sign for his daughter. He mentioned Peter in the 15 mins. I had the 3rd of interviews I am doing with him the prior Tuesday. There for the record he mentioned Ben Gurley. I had only heard Gurley's story a couple years ago. I wonder what percentage of the audience had any comprehension why and who he was? Anyways, after that interview GAM (and daughter as driver), and I and a slew of other friends went to dinner in Foster City. I was responsible to go over to Stanford and pick up John McCarthy. We had a wonderful conversation, and as we were driving on Page Mill road past PARC to I280 John gave me his hearsay on the Gurley story. I did not realize at that time that John would also be on the PDP-1 stage. The world has no idea how close it came to not having minicomputers as soon as it did, to having interaction (time sharing), and how it could still be feeding cards into readers.


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PDP1 3613

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old battle of the lovees was: PDP1 3611