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PDP1 3631
in late 68, university started a project to clone an ibm mainframe controller ... reverse engineering the mainframe channel interface and building a channel interface board for interdata-3 ... and...

not TSO ... but cp67-cms :-)

approx. 1974, cern presented a report at SHARE comparing CMS and TSO. internally, the report got clbuttified "IBM CONFIDENTIAL RESTRICTED" (available on a need to know only basis) .... in part, they were trying to minimize contamination of the carefully indoctrinated sales and marketing people. this was somewhat difficult since even the major online, interactive service supporting sales, marketing, and field people was cp67-cms (subsequently upgraded to vm370-cms) based ... called HONE

however, most of the applications were (CMS) APL based and the service was fairly carefully wrapped so not many sales-marketing-field people realized that it was cms.

I got my first trip out of the country in the early 70s, when EMEA hdqtrs moved from the US to la Defense outside of Paris ... and I was called in to handle part of the new datacenter install. One of the issues that I had at the time ... was figuring out the telecommunication connection so I could read my email back in the states (people take for granted being able to get to their email almost anywhere in the world ... but it was a little more difficult nearly 35 years ago)

a few past postings mentioning the cern cms-tso bakeoff


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PDP1 3631

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