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RPG on the mainframewhy never popular 811

RPG on the mainframewhy never popular 812
There was a real requirement for those columns and appropriate placement. All of your paychecks were produced based...

A good point. IBM's GSD and DPD were like two separate nations. In my experience, the mainframe shops using RPG were usually sites which began with System-3, etc., and then "moved up" to the 370-4300-clbutt machines, often running DOS-VSE. These were smaller shops with perhaps one or two RPG programmers, and often the DP Manager would double as programmer, too, for better or worse. Usually worse :-)

RPG probably never scored big on the mainframe because many times it was just a means to an end. Since the existing software from the old machine was RPG, and it was the language everybody was familiar with, that's what they went with. The goal was to get everything moved over to the new hardware as quickly and with as few program modifications as possible. After all, there was plenty to do just learning and setting up the new JCL, compiling, testing, and so on.

RPG on the mainframewhy never popular 813
The DOS and OS-360 (I think you meant that and not "OS370") implementations of RPG -- and...

At times I've seen RPG on the mainframe pushed WAY past its original intent. One place I worked even used RPG to do CICS programs. When I started there, I was mostly a batch Cobol programmer, but since they were having major performance issues and numerous CICS crashes, I offered to take a look at the code. You guessed it -- they had never heard of CICS's pseudo-conversational mode! After that near-rest experience, I wouldn't wish RPG CICS on my worst enemy.


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RPG on the mainframewhy never popular 812

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