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SAT Reading and Math Scores Show Decline 4375

SAT Reading and Math Scores Show Decline 4376
Anne & Lynn Wheeler IMHO the "dumbing down" and educational declines were worst in the 1970s as a result of various social factors*. In the 1980s standards began to rise back...

so in the original post

referenced several previous posts mentioning some aspects of the subject. a few of the previously mentioned posts including references to

and extracts from the 2003, National buttessment of Adult Literacy

for instance one such mentioned post was:

which included some camparisions to other "high-income countries" (US ranking ranging between 14 and 19 out of 19).

and the SAT verbal score (i.e. non-math, more related to reading and literacy) in this post

shows decline from 543 in the 66-67 school year to 499 in the 92-93 school years ... and then climbed back up to 508 in the 03-04 school year where it stayed for the 04-05 school year.

so the cited article

says that the avg. score fell five points from 508 to 503.

note from the referenced table

there was also a five point increase between 93-94 (499) and 94-95 (504), a two point drop between 00-01 (506) to 01-02 (504) and a three point gain between 01-02 (504) to 02-03 (507).

after a relative rapid ten percent score drop over ten year period (from 66-67 school year) ... there had been a year-to-year one percent or less fluctuation (hitting a low of 499 in the 90-91 and 93-94 school years and a high of 508 in the 03-04 and 04-05 school years).

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SAT Reading and Math Scores Show Decline 4376

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