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Seeking Info about TTY 3639

OK. *That* rings a bell.

I remember some terminal I used which did this same thing. In fact, I remember that the first thing I did when I noticed the odd print out was to type IBM to see how it looked and, yes, it looked a lot like the horzontal bar (usually white letters on a blue field) IBM logo. Something like this:

I don't guarantee that I'm remembering the correct machine, but what I recall was that it was a sort of dense dot matrix which, in "improved quality" mode did half steps horizontally and, if the ribbon was fairly new, they ended up looking like short stripes. As the ribbon wore down, the separate dots were more visible, but the ink still sort of blended between the dots. In "normal quality" they were obviously dots. In "high quality" mode, it also did half steps vertically, but you'd rarely use this mode because it required it to print each line twice, whereas "improved quality" just slowed it down a bit and it really was easier on the eyes.

As I say, it may not be what you're talking about, but what you say sounds familiar.

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- Bill

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