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Slow mac need more HD speed 2791

(Morten Reistad) writes:

If you're strong and know which way the axis points you can pick up the whole computer and give it an appropriate twist. But usually I wind up removing the drive and holding it in my hand while giving it an appropriate flick of the wrist. Re-install, power up, and tell your data to get out of Dodge.

Slow mac need more HD speed 2792
it out to the field. Then the next development cycle is to cut the wire and work with nX. Yes, that's my point. At least I thought I made it. Going...


On one of my drives, I'd pop the cover off and whack the solid aluminum side of the housing with a screwdriver handle while powering it up. That'd get it going.

Slow mac need more HD speed 2793
Religious idiots didn't burn the library. That's a myth. You are probably referring to the...

Once while visiting my wife where she worked, one of their Macs wouldn't boot. I figured it was due to stiction, and popped the case open. That alone was enough to worry her cow orker, who nearly panicked when I tapped on the cover of the drive with my finger. Her expression quickly changed to one of Debt Relief as the drive spun up. I hope she took my advice to get her data off ASAP.

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Slow mac need more HD speed 2792

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