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Some sonofaunpleasant woman has my computer. 4607

Nono. I believe I read somewhere that today's sekrit Scooby word is: "ROOING" Which, by reading the above and being just as confounded by it as yourself by it, may now be a new word ready for a Merriam-Webster's submittal.


Definition: disorientation Synonyms: abashing, abashment, addling, agitation, befuddlement, befuddling, bemusement, bewilderment, blurring, chagrin, cluttering, commotion,

confloption, (I just wanted to point out here what a mighty fine word *confloption* is.) confounding, demoralization, disarranging, discomfiting, discomfiture, distraction, disturbing, dither, dumbfounding, embarrbutting, embarrbuttment, embroiling, flap, floption (Ooooh, floption! An fine upstanding confloption, no doubt.) , fluster, lather, mixing, mystification, obscuring, perplexing, perplexity, perturbation, pother (And yet another fine whangdoodle of a word!) , puzzlement, rooing, stew, (And here I'd like to point out: Heh, heh...roo-stew. What some Austrians eat and thus takes us right back to the origin of it all in Dean's recent post wot started this whole danged echo.) "Or since this started off as an Austrian thread should that be ROOING? Or does that look too much like a word that Scooby Doo would be using?"

stirring up, tangling, tumult, turbulence, turmoil, unsettling, upsetting rooing, confusion, etc. HELP ME! IM STUCK ON THIS TREADMILL AND CANT FIND THE EXIT! --

REAL memory column in SDSF 4606
from previous post reference in previous post ... from reference above: may have a b-bit block...

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Some sonofaunpleasant woman has my computer. 4608

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REAL memory column in SDSF 4606