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Status of Software Reuse 578

Colonel Forbin

I think it's on the up. In fact I know it's on the up. :)

Status of Software Reuse 579
I never bought the idea of wholesale source-code reuse. New stuff needs to be layered with some form of isolation from the old code. I reuse enourmous amounts of code daily...
Status of Software Reuse 581
You don't have to say "language" to investor. "Powerful scripting capabilities" is what you tell them. It is...

"Open" Source has encouraged code re-use. You only have to look at the dependancy spaghetti that exists in a typical Open Source application build now to see that. It wasn't always the case.

GCC is heavily re-used, particularly for the Embedded sector. It is often the first compiler targetted for a new architecture...

The nice thing about the Open Source thing is that if you do not like the API or design you can take the bits you want and roll your own API. On balance I think that is a good thing, it has lead to a kind of rapid Darwinian evolution. It is pretty scary sometimes, but on the otherhand you do get to steer it your way and if it's a way that suits lots of other people it tends to stick.

Something that really annoys me about Commercial stuff is that you tend to major revs that really throw a spanner in the works. In the Open Source world that also happens, BUT the tried and true version of the code is out there for you to use as well, so the community can keep that alive and keep using it. That extends the life of code and that in turn encourages more re- use.

There have been a few occasions where Open Source has enabled me to adapt something rather than roll my own from scratch. I must confess that my Ego rebelled at the idea, but over the years I've grown used to it and I have been very grateful for the time-savings so I can get on with more interesting things such as doing Embedded stuff like I am now. :)

Cheers, Rupert

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Status of Software Reuse 579

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