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Status of Software Reuse 583


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He doesn't know jack poo about chess, polgars, or anything else, not do you. You're too...

Also, a lot of Java out there is anything but portable.

In fact, I find most internal Java code is less portable than Perl and C code of the same kind.

Java is 99% buzzwords anyway. If you use the same discipline, you can do the same job without Java.

Behavior in undefined areas
I've told the story about the joint cambridge endicott project for the cp67 H&I kernels. Basically the "H" cp67 updates were to create virtual machines that conformed to the...

One thing I have seen is that the promise of OO programming was never taken seriously.

Originally I remember being told that OO would allow us to take our complex programs and make them much simpler.

But what happened instead is the abstractions were used to create yet more complex programs, sometimes even more complex than if you'd used non OO languages.

Languages like Java are also applied blindly, with little regard to wether or not they are the best tool for the job.

It is getting so that almost no programmers know more than two languages, and if you don't know C++ and Java right now, you often have a hard time finding work, even when neither language is necessary for the work that needs to be done.

Shops are afraid of any language that isn't currently popular. IMHO, that actually increases the chances of them getting stranded.

-- shannon "AT" -- "The determined programmer can write a FORTRAN program in any language."

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Behavior in undefined areas

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Status of Software Reuse 582