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System 360 Model 195 Photos Find

The "Gallery of Old Iron" had recently taken up the gracious offer of the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory for other sites to reproduce, with acknowledgement, pictures from the Debt Collection hosted at

I explored the site, and found the original of one of the pictures shown there:


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came from


which was on the page

However, I had trouble finding the original of the picture


as I was hoping that the full-size original might be large enough to permit reading of the legends on the lights and switches. (The IBM 360-91 and IBM 360-195 Functional Characteristics manuals include diagrams only of some portions of the front panel used by computer operators; the rest of the panel, being only for use by Customer Engineers, was not described.)

Finally, looking at the pictures not in the Rutherford Photographic Archive itself, but contributed by others from their private collections, I found it on the page

and, while the original was not quite detailed enough to permit reading the legends, those of the *last two* images on the page, each of half the panel (the picture of the right half comes before the picture of the left half) *are* sufficiently detailed.

One section of the panel, though, is difficult to read in each of the photographs, as the black paint (although it's a 360 195, unlike other 360-195 machines, this had the styling of a 370) still provides specular reflections. It seems to be possible to overcome most of this; also, there is a bit of softening at the edges of the image, but processing does seem to be able to obtain readability here.

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