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The 8008 1748

I remember my fondest subject; applied physics. It was a controlled play in the physics lab; where we could access all the cool stuff. We had to de-solder old radios and stuff to get components to play with. The van der Graaf-generator was the most popular machine; every day it was dry we tried to get balloons to rise from the repelling force of the static electricity.

The 8008 1751
So did I. Does 'grid leak detecter' ring a bell? And those kids are expected...

Today, just doing the de-soldering would 1) be considered hazardous, 2) be considered child labour.

The 8008 1750
That reminds me of an amusing story from my undergraduate days. I was working on trying to find some reliable means of cutting serial...

Does building a small radio transmitter count as "create real things"?

We got a lot of help from the teacher with physics that really was 3-4 years beyond our curriculum; but it created an enourmous incentive to learn that physics when it showed up in the clbuttroom.

Do as we did when we were kids. Scavenge for parts.

There should be sufficient Americum in a couple of old smoke detectors to make a geiger counter turn a few blips.

If that doesn't help, we have got a 1% Uranium ore strip right through parts of suburbia here. Might learn something about mining in the process. (it is labeled a hazard these days because of all the Radon it generates).

Scavenging for parts. Still possible. Unfortunatly a few youngsters made a bane dose of explosives here lately. With proper teaching they may have become explosives experts instead.

The 8008 1752
Yep. I had a couple spinthariscopes that contained some quanbreasty of radium. They are essentially a little microscope focused on a fluorescent screen which flashes when struck by...

Modern civilization contain so many dangerous parts. This is a point the "protectors" do not realize. We need the explosives experts, the high voltage engineers; and they need to make their own errors before experience set in.

It improves around here. Astromomers and physisists have started a very successful outreach program. Interested kids are actively invited to see what goes on. They can even get (very supervised) time on an old and pretty small cyclotron; but very useful for some analysis stuff, or observation time on a decent scale telescope.

Yes, Katie, our kids get to smash atoms.

The 8008 1749
I've seen 40's vintage TVs that used a 25L6 as a 300khz or so oscilltor to bounce the B+ up to...

I do sense a silent revolt of the nerds in the making.

-- mrr

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The 8008 1749

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