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The 8008 1751

So did I. Does 'grid leak detecter' ring a bell?

And those kids are expected to keep things running, when they grow up.

Radium I would have doubted. It is pretty radioactive in even small amounts, AFAIK. Unprocessed uranium wouldn't be a problem.

The 8008 1752
Yep. I had a couple spinthariscopes that contained some quanbreasty of radium. They are essentially a little...

All they have to do is grab the smoke detecter off the ceiling. :-) A lot of them have a radioactive source in them. Americium 241, one microcurie, according to the label of the dead one that I have. And, if what I read once is true, any tungston based light bulb.

Sure, I have had chemistry sets.

Wouldn't "enormous negative progress" be more accurate? :-)

Things like the potbuttium permangate(sp) volcanos? IIRC. That I would blame on the parents who failed to teach the kids properly, probably because they didn't know any better themselves.

But, then, I am beginning to favor the idea of having all prospective parents being required to pbutt exams to prove their ability and knowledge about rasing children. In general, you can't really expect parents that don't have a clue to raise children that do have a clue. There are exceptions, of course.

The 8008 1753
Well -- I have no clue who Tom Bearden is, but here is what I base my evidence on: Out in the back patio I have a horizontal-shaft B&S magneto...


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The 8008 1752

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