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The 8008 1775

On Wed, 05 Oct 2005 07:01:35 GMT, Morten Reistad

Great example is M$.. while others took the view of cashing in for their 1,000,000 target, M$ (Gates) took the longer view and kept control of their businesses. He may not be the greatest computer genius, but on a very basic level, he ain't stupid. Talking to a man recently about his job in IT, he said that Windows is grand, under the variety of Unix he used to deal with, when someone messed up, he had to wade in and fix it, now he has just two responses, `Reboot', or option two `Reinstall Windows'.. Home by 6.30 every evening (This is a bit simplified).

The 8008 1776
Ah, the "global village", a '70s concept that never came to pbutt. In fact, just the opposite has happened - people are crowding ever more tightly into urban areas, and are now...

If networks were more used, commuting would be a less used option, and a mbuttive amount of energy used. At the moment, computers are used to produce paper copy, which is what people deal with, then they reenter the date on the computer. If computers were used to their fullest power, a mbuttive amount of energy would be saved. At the moment, automated production can't compete with methods that depend on people hired at $.10 per hour equivelent. When that pool of very cheap labour is used up, economies of automation will come into play.

What areas would be used??...

-- greymaus

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The 8008 1776

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