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The 8008 603

Wooden warships (and "cannon balls" rapidly began to disappear with the advent of iron hulls) were generally equipped with (as posted earlier) shot racks (wood) and "shot garlands" (cordage - small legths of line woven into a hammock-like cradle - Rope is not a word used by seafarers). Monkeys are conspicuously absent, and in my travels in the Western and some of the Eastern bits of the globe, I've never seen a brbutt monkey, but a variety of monkeys, almost always iron, show up in old coastal fortifications. More would, except that a couple of centurties out of use and regular maintenance in the sun near sal****er reduces iron to a rust stain upon that which it sits.

The expansion-contraction rates for iron and brbutt are not enough different for iron shot to "shrink" enough to be easily dislodged from a "brbutt" monkey. As for heated shot, they were carried about in small wrought iron "cradles", normally designed for two men.

Incidentally "Brbutt" itself is a misnomer in naval gunnery in the age of sail. "Brbutt" Guns were cast from a gunmetal which is closer in content to bronze. Brbutt - more expensive - was reserved for fittings (another maritime word implying containing movable-adjustable components) requiring careful hand-finishing-fitting to function or for which freedom from corrosion was of high importance.

The 8008 606
Exactly. Think about it. You are perhaps in enemy held territory. You may not have ready means of resupply. Your firearm may not use the same ammunition as the...

That's simply not true, at least working to the tolerances possible in 17th-18th centurymarine metalwork.

The 8008 605
You have seen too many B-movies. Standard military automatic rifles can be used as long range weapons as well. The requirement for the...

TM "We have strode this gundeck before." Oliver

The 8008 604
With a *sub*machinegun (loosely described as fully-automatic and larger than a pistol) that's mostly it; it's a "pointing" weapon rather...

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The 8008 604

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