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The 8008 623

And the mech timer is imune to this horror, from a fire fighter list some years ago.

Couple went out, this is Florida BTW, and wife put frozen joint into uwave to thaw where rover can't get to it.

6 hours or so later, they return to a sea of red trucks and flashing lights.

The 8008 624
My first microwave had a mechanical timer, too, but it wasn't linear. Instead, the first five minutes took up about a quarter of the dial...

Seems 30 odd miles away, there was a little thunder storm, and the power lines took a lightning hit. The surge latched up the u-proc in the oven tighter than a ....., and turned it on. At full power. For -1 hours.

After thawing, cooking, and then boiling the fat started to boil as well and headed for flash point. Luckely they had a smoke detector that sounded the alarm and the local brigade got the power off as soon as they arrived. Estimate was that it was less than 30 min to light-off time and a House Pictures full of FAE!

So now you know why smoking joints is a bad idea ;) And u-procs in oven in Florida.....

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The 8008 624

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