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The 8008 640

The 8008 641
Well, I clearly don't understand what you (as in "you, Barb", not as in "all of you") talk about -- either that or I'm...

rpl proclaimed:

Methinks you tend to jump to conclusions. The changeover from oats referred to those automobiles propelled by real old fashioned horsepower, with toxic exhaust consisting of semi-toxic but highly noxious gas and large particulate matter. And yes, I have driven older cars, with model years stretching back to the late teens and early 20's, although the cars of my youth were more commonly those of the late 30's e.g. the twin-ignition straight 8 Nash with overdrive and more recent.

Only if you've never driven it from early spring to late fall with no air conditioning. This was prior to I-70 which has served to only make it more monotonous.

Lets see, I grew up in Montana but have since lived in every major geographical area of the USofA, largely preferring the west and south. I will put Montana up against any other area you can name for coldness, with the single exception of Fraser Colorado that has on occasion bumped Montana from the brbutt monkey imperiling records. As for hot, have driven in areas across southern Nevada, California, that would make Tucson's 120 some degrees seem like cool shade. And as for your characterization of exception and rule, vent windows have an extremely narrow range of humidity-temperature comfort zone that excludes orders of magnitude more of the USofA geo area than it includes.

The TC, TD, TF couldn't go fast enough to hurt your hair style, particularly if you were military.

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The 8008 641

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