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The 8008 648

The 8008 649
back when we were doing hsdt we were working with one of the reed-solomon company on FEC for high-speed communication. they...

While I don't live in Aridzone, I do see my pool (of water) pretty frequently, have been known to walk close to it while lightly buzzed from aged distillates and cheap brews. I have yet to come close to diving in while driving, nor are cars in swimming pools common. Here, a major auto-related watering hazard are "Low Water Crossings", little creeks and rivers which trtickle beneath the roads, elevated to rushing torrents by an afternoon thunderstorm. Nary a bad rain comes, but some unsuspecting and inexperienced mom, two or three bambini stuffed in the back, legally strapped or not, decides to ford the Guadelupe in spate only to have her car head, butt over teakettle, downstream. Usually, the pbuttengers end of tangled in a brier patch or barbed wire, only lightly gnibbled by fish, before reaching the Gulf (where the clackety clack of the blue crabs' claws await the bounty of floods....)

All in all, I suppose that the number of folks who water in Austria is principally attributable to the realtively small population. The high rate per 100,000 is pretty shocking, given that much of Austria is drier than lizard spit, but may be related to the thick noggins of the locals.

TM "Have attemmpted to navigate flooded barrow ditches**." Oliver

**Dug when highway constructed to keep elephants off median.

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The 8008 649

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