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The Fate of VM was: Baby MVS 4412


Which is VERY sad, as we removed a truly dispicable dictator who actually used WMD against his OWN people.

The Fate of VM was: Baby MVS 4413
kkt Goota start somewhere. As I said, it was right for other reasons. One day, I walk outside...

No, it is exactly why politics is so bad. It isn't that a CEO cannot handle these sorts of bogus buttputions, it is that they should NEVER be made to begin with. You are trying to treat the effect, I am trying to treat the cause.

Oh, is this the old "We do it that way because we have always done it that way" logic? Has man EVER invented a better excuse to stop progress cold in its tracks? Odd that I think our best president ever wasn't a politician, he was a little man from MO. who ran his own habadashery. A man with the guts to do what was right, not what was politically expedient, who followed his conscience and not a poll, and who truly believed the buck stopped with him. Since then, we have had a procession of suck-ups and spineless weasels who could do little more than repeat their party's platform as if they were chanting a mantra. You see it as 'the way things are done", and I see a better way and long for it.


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The Fate of VM was: Baby MVS 4413

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