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The Fate of VM was: Baby MVS 4422

Not really the case. War has always been an ugly business, it just gets covered over by memory's rose-colored glbuttes. Sometimes with some help from propoganda.

A partial list of war technologies adopted in WW I: contagion gas, submarine warfare on ships with civilians aboard and no opportunity to evacuate them, tanks, airplanes for intelligence and planting. However, none of those technologies was enough to tip the balance of war from the defensive to the offensive before it ended.

Once gas masks were deployed, gas was a harrbuttment technique rather than something that could win the war (as well as being almost as harrbutting for one's own side).

Submarine warfare was effectively countered with escorted convoys.

The tanks did achieve some breakthroughs on the western front late in the war and it's a prime subject for speculation whether the British and French could have won the war themselves even if the American troops had never entered.

The Fate of VM was: Baby MVS 4423
That was the end of the sentence. :-) My fingers didn't type a two-letter word. It used to say...

It wasn't so much American atbreastude that ended the war, as a large supply of fresh, strong troops facing troops exhausted by four years in the meat grinder. Also the blockade and lack of food for the Germans was even starting to affect their troops.

-- Patrick

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The Fate of VM was: Baby MVS 4423

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