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The Fate of VM was: Baby MVS 4423

That was the end of the sentence. :-) My fingers didn't type a two-letter word. It used to say (I swear I typed it) But you just stated ^up there^ that this is the leaders' atbreastude in 1914.

OT politics and the power of the president was The Fate of VM was: Baby
Clark F Morris Prendergast tagged Harry to be a judge. When Truman ran for senator in 1934...

If a widget or an idea didn't work, Americans didn't have any problem at the soldier level changing the rules to make it work. Every soldier had this attbreastude. It's how we live our lives. We don't wait to ask permission. That's our mindset. A common theme to discussions of today's problems all lie in the US losing this mindset. A socialist, communist or kingship style governing does not train its people that the responsibility of daily living is the individuals'; these creeds punish people if they do this act.

Yes. The only reason. If he hadn't been brought crude, he'ld have hamstrung by etiquette or Robert's Rules or whatever polite society deemed correct behaviour.

If he had had any exposure to high society living, he wouldn't have ignored the flummery.

There is that word again. I do not understand this one. I got an idea this morning that my problem may lie in the fact that I've grown up in the US and will be unable to understand it. Just like I still can't understand Morten's lessons about how royalty had to act. The story about doing something when the guy should have been in bed and died because he didn't still sticks in my mind. Do you know which story I'm talking about?

The Fate of VM was: Baby MVS 4424
would of rifles to Recent history channel documentary, well a repeat, on Japanese WW 2 weapons...

But nationalism doesn't stay within borders. Nationalism seems to cause people to expand borders which I always thought of as exapansionism. Please note that I keep getting these political terms all mixed up.


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The Fate of VM was: Baby MVS 4424

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