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The Pankian Metaphor 3031

The Pankian Metaphor 3032
Sigh! They found nothing after whatever was there got cleared out. No UN inspections ever had free and immediate access to any facility, especially paperwork...

The Pankian Metaphor 3035
You're problem is that you insist on one set of rules for yourself, and a completely different set for everybody else. Demanding that everyone else...

The UN inspectors found nothing. There was nothing. Amazing, when you could think that the invaders could have planted evidence. THERE WAS NOTHING.

Gives the world a chance to solve problems before the * hits the fan.

Hamas, along anyone with a care for world peace (not a inclusive group) is worried about the new Israeli plan to take over permenantly parts of the West Bank.

The Pankian Metaphor 3034
All Israel has to do is exist and it will anger the major part of the world's population. Jews...

He dropped the USSR before his rest, probably because of the US persuaded the Saudis to up payments. M. Haikel mentained that his Negroid ancestry was a problem, mostly to himself.

The set of Arabs is a non-inclusive subset of Islam (Set theory arrived in our schools years after I left, but a useful idea).. As pointed out in other messages, many of the people ethnically cleansed from Palestine are Christian. The Shia have a sorta power structure, Sunni none (AFAIK)

Again, Sadly, I believe there is a lot to what you write. Any new direction to the U.S. depends on a government that is not part of the present power structure, and any such government will take years to get to know how the mechanisms of government work.

Yellowstone blow up?.. Government will be irrelevent, as in most real disaster scenarios. As in the recent thread with Lynn, re roads versus railroads, my point was that real recoveries from real disasters must depend on providing means or technologies for people to reconstruct society after such disaster (Lynn, as you may check, concentrated on efficency of system under ordinary stress).. An example.. Wireless networking after 9-11.. Cell phone systems.. Instead of having to reerect thousands of phone poles (just thought of what that would cost now with copper getting into precious metal territory), drop in a few mobile stations, what do we really want land-lines for?.

People have been living in Mesopotamia for at least 10,000 years, fairly continuous stream except for the Tartars (generic term) around 1200-1400.. Biggest threat to their country is modern health systems which disrupt the means that population was controlled over the aeons.

I am having great difficulty getting my toe-nails cut at moment. They are a real problem with oldsters. Thats why I used such an analogy :).

(Over snipped).

Largely imaginary danger, but if present policies are persued, they will become real.

-- greymaus Just Another Grumpy Old Man

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The Pankian Metaphor 3032

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