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The Pankian Metaphor 3052

Now consider who is creating this policy. If it becomes entrenched then we funding for all kinds of pork bellies instead of rational, intelligent planning. It becomes the post office all over again. I mentioned that Iron Mountain report. I'm just now starting to read the actual report, as opposed to the 30 pages of trying to convince me this was a real project.

Note that I have no idea how run a country. I know what you are saying happens; most of it doesn't make any sense to me :-).

The Pankian Metaphor 3053
It is not a stetching exercise at all. No new degrees of freedom here. Currencies today are just IOU notes, except they are issued under a...

Yes. However, there are applications where this conservatism is the ideal method; military is an example. You cannot have the strategy for winning the war (I think I'm using the correct term) decided at the grunt level. hmm...Now I've just mixed me all up. I may actually be learning this stuff.

Of course they wouldn't have improved themselves. Consider herds. They only do the work that is necessary with 0% mess prevention. For example, they only run far enough to escape this minute's danger. They do nothing to prevent the next occurence of the same threat.

The Pankian Metaphor 3054
Perhaps there is some part of the brain that refuses to consider the US dollar a mere paper thingie? And the federal reserve is an enbreasty that can go...

It sounds like Oracle finally had a business plan that each and every employee could base all decisions on.

My hair is beginning to hurt thinking about this stuff.


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The Pankian Metaphor 3053

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