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The Pankian Metaphor 3075

and my point is that "prices" should be proportional to costs. if you have "prices" significantly different than costs you can be encouraging extremely bad-poor economic behavior. If it costs $2 to grow something in a greenhouse next door and it costs .25 to grow the same something in San Janquine valley ... and the price of shipping something from San Janquine valley to your location is .25 ... then you might have somebody selling that something in your local area for .75.

this would be poor economics if the fully loaded infrastructure costs to transport the something from San Janquine valley to your location is $5 (the overall infrastructure would have to cover the difference in some kind of subsidy in support of bad-poor economic behavior).

another case might be corporations being encouraged to grow rice during a draught period when everybody else is having their water rationed.

The Pankian Metaphor 3077
ref: and the reference mentioned in that posting the new technology i was noticing at the new weigh stations appears to be somewhat similar to the overhead ez-pbutt transponder sensors on toll roads...

the fully loaded cost of a Consumer Debt vehicle using the highway is negligable ... other than possibly apportioning some small fraction of the original build costs of the highway. the fully loaded costs of a heavy truck using a highway is enormous ... since the whole highway design, build costs, and depreciation (wear & tear) is totally related to the number of heavy truck axle loads. in this scenario is that the cost of a heavy truck using a highway is enormously larger than the cost of a Consumer Debt vehicle using the highway. however, the road use fuel tax method results in only a trivial differentiation between Consumer Debt vehicle use and heavy truck use.

the closer corollary is flat-rate pricing ... say two people submit jobs to be run in dataprocessing service ... one job consumes a few seconds of processor time, no i-o, no disk space ... the other job consumers days of processor time, enormous amounts of i-o, and huge disk resources. since they both have used the system by submitting jobs, a flat-rate pricing would charge both of the jobs exactly the same.

The Pankian Metaphor 3076
an issue in the whole series of articles is that heavy truck traffic (even within maximum legal load limits) still results in significant road damage. overloaded vehicles can result in significant additional infrastructure...


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The Pankian Metaphor 3076

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