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The Pankian Metaphor 3077

The Pankian Metaphor 3079
my original comment-observation included the observation: "and were never built for the number of buttociated heavy truck axle-loads (that are the result of the municipal bus traffic...


and the reference mentioned in that posting

the new technology i was noticing at the new weigh stations appears to be somewhat similar to the overhead ez-pbutt transponder sensors on toll roads, called "prepbutt":

PrePbutt Weigh Station Bypbutt

from above:

PrePbutt is an automated, state-of-the-art system allowing heavy vehicles that are registered in the program to legally bypbutt open weigh stations. Transponders: Carriers obtain special transponders used for communication between computers in the weigh stations and the vehicles. Green Signal: If all requirements for weight, size, safety, etc. are met, the driver receives a green signal that allows the vehicle to bypbutt the weigh station.

... snip ...

The Pankian Metaphor 3078
Anne & Lynn Wheeler Actually, I do not think it very prevalent at all. The reason truck scales are so common is that a bill of lading with a weight...

i think the truck still exits main traffic, but if the prepbutt transponder agrees ... they take a lane that bypbutt the actual scales and returns them to main traffic flow

the shows a graphic that depicts how

the area of the new weigh stations that i've seen on 101 is quite a wide open expanse ... significantly larger than the old one-lane operations with small weigh station shack located adjacent to the scales.

the cal dot site also has

Data Weigh-in-Motion

there is some possibility that data weigh-in-motion is also used in conjunction with PrePbutt Weigh Station Bypbutt (there is reference in the above Weigh-in-Motion webpage to Bybutt WIM).

This talks about WIM technical overview and requirement for smooth pavement surface approach leading up to a WIM installation

this is base document URL from cal. dot talking about pavement design and ESAL (equivalent single axle load)

also describing how to arrive at heavy truck equivalent single axle load for calculating design for payment and pavement lifetime based on amount of esal activity. previous postings including description of equivalent single axle loads and pavement lifetime

The Pankian Metaphor 3080
Norway. Some of the large "truck SUV"'s come in two varieties, one for personal use and...


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