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The Pankian Metaphor 3101

Well you've routinely called our invasion and occupation of Iraq "mess prevention", presumably its the Hussein Iraqi gov't you were opposed to since Al Queda wasn't there when we invaded.

Does this mean you have "mess prevention 1" where you want to kill everyone you think might harbor ill-will towards the US and "mess prevention 2" where you don't?

So you're happy with killing 5,000 people to get 1 person who might be in the city?

OTOH if you are proposing a measured response, then you are on the slipperly slope of requiring facts before acting and that means "I want them dead" is no longer sufficient, you'll have to say "I want them dead if there is proof they want to kill me" and then require the proof.

Our retaliation was Afganistan, where the AlQueda ACTUALLY WAS. Proof enough that we can retaliate. Then we went off the tracks into a quagmire... and we have no solutions for either war now.

In what way is collateral rests being irrelevant not bloodthirsty? It is saying "I am going to kill Person X and I don't care how many people are end in the process." "Kill all Muslims" just makes one a racist in addition to being bloodthirsty. Go look up bloodthirsty in a dictionary.

The Pankian Metaphor 3102
It is. Let me try one more time. Isalmic culture has folklore in self-government and a form of democratic choice of leaders. Some of the atbreastudes in that region stem directly from...

I know, I know- its Mess Prevention. You have yet to explain what the mess was supposed to be in any detail- and continue to ignore the fact that the real mess is Saudi Arabia- where the 9-11 attackers were from and from where they were funded. So the Saudi problem goes unaddressed while we spend $1billion-week occupying Iraq where we have manufactured a very big problem for ourselves. So in what way have we prevented a mess?

The Pankian Metaphor 3104
Because that would immediately set all of Islam against Western civilization. The goal is to get them to adapt to using Western civ. concepts within the framework of the sharia. This code of...

I have never proposed that the situation is simple- you are proposing liquidate on a possibly large scale simply because you "think" someone in the group wants to kill you- that is quite absolute and very simplisitic. BTW, you've yet to explain how you decide someone needs to die- surely you must have some kind of plan & standards or is it just kill whomever you please?

Which is not to say if there is a finding of fact regarding someone that I think people shouldn't be subject to justice and perhaps buttbuttination in extreme circumstances- but I'm afraid I'm going to insist on having some kind of plausible due process- even if expedited.

However I am going to insist unconditionally on full public due process if the person is a US citizen.


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The Pankian Metaphor 3102

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