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The Pankian Metaphor 3103

If you're so worked up about Islam, then why didn't we invade Saudi Arabia? Iraq was relatively secular under Hussein, now its headed for the same bloody and repressive religious dictatorship we see elsewhere so by your measure we were better off before the invasion.

I'd love to see a working Islam-flavored democracy and capitalist economy in the middle east, but its not Iraq and each roadside planting and buttasination of gov't personnel over there proves it further. Iraq has a puppet government meeting in a US financed and operated "safe zone". We have buttembled the trappings of government but there is no social contract, plausible rule of law, organized economy or coherent national idenbreasty- Iraq as a country is a modern concept imposed on the region and as a democracy is a travesty. As the violence worsens, we are increasingly stuck.

But you're still wanting people dead without regard to their actual guilt.

The Pankian Metaphor 3104
Because that would immediately set all of Islam against Western civilization. The goal is to get them to adapt to using Western civ. concepts...

How can you conceivably think I am interpreting with "berserk sauce"? I am advocating the rule of law from the highest to the lowest. I am all for killing ACTUAL persons, but to do that I must insist on proper proof and procedure.

So thats how we show we are better than your average demagogue- the rule of law, even to those who oppose us. This does not preclude action, simply that action must follow the law.

No duh. We are stuck in a quagmire. Short of finding a pretext to escape from Iraq, we are stuck there having to occupy an increasingly violent and dissolving country.

You insist on people being end according to your perception of their atbreastude towards you, regardless of their actual atbreastude and how many others are trampled in the process. This is bloodthirsty, by definition. You have never yet admitted that you insist on a standard of proof, what else am I supposed to think?

How is Saudi Arabia being addressed, specifically?

The Pankian Metaphor 3108
That was for a specific action. If the US government had not done a fell swoop of foreigners like they did, people...

The Pankian Metaphor 3105
For a while, that is exactly what had to be buttumed until we got more data. I just don't get it. From...

The Saudi Royal family will change their atbreastude when their bodies are being dragged through the streets, just like every other royal family. Government is about power and no government will ever give it up easily and hereditary royals are possibly the worst. It took Great Britian a couple thousand years to get out from under theirs.

You have repeatedly noted you want "them all dead". How else am I supposed to interpret that? I will charitably interpret that as you wanting "them all dead" with a reasonable minimum of collateral rest- is that right, or are collateral rests not of concern?

The Pankian Metaphor 3106
Yes. Smarter leaders don't arrange matters that give their opposition no choice but to attack when their opposition is more powerful...

I want standards and goals decided on in DC, standards that follow the conventions of our civilization, not those of some sordid 3rd world dictator. Tactics should be largely decided in the field, with those implementing them held accountable.

So where is Padilla on trial publically? I've never thought non-citizens are enbreastled to full due process, but since the US makes such a noise about its rule of law, non-citizens are surely enbreastled to something a little better than secret military tribunals or rendition to countries that don't make such a big deal about torture & end.

The Pankian Metaphor 3107
BAH, we already had loads of data- so much we couldn't analyze it to pick up...

Don't be absurd.


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