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The Pankian Metaphor 3114

The Pankian Metaphor 3117
They provide a service. Actually, more than one. They clean up maple seed and other nuts. During...

It isn't a flaw; it is an aspect.

I don't think it's software. I've been studying this for at least five years now. I started out with the premise that it was software. None of the data matched. So I threw it out and started with the premise that it's hardware. I'm getting a further with this one.

The Pankian Metaphor 3115
snip I don't understand what you're saying here. Data supporting what? That people quote Bush out of context...

Now my next query (to myself in this study of mine) is going to take the form of how and when does a human herd permit a human who can ask the question and produce some kind of answer to have influence. I think the stress point has to be imminent physical war. So far, most heads of state during a war are SOBs.

You have oodles of data here in this newsgroup.

See? You still cannot ask the question.

No, I meant *have to*.

Exactly. It is also useful to not have anybody think about facts and issues if the conclusions reached are opposite what you want to do.

Reeaxmining buttumptions is key to whether the subroutine is skipped or called.

Not really. The only thing that attracts unwanted attention is this war. Take a look at the circumstances of all the unpleasant womaning. It is all on the war. Even local internal events are spun to not address this danger.

It is a very strange human trait that the people who are doing real work have to be hindered.

But you still don't ask the question. You talk all around it hoping that it return false.


The Pankian Metaphor 3116
Demo'ed and rebuilt a new wall in the kitchen to increase the width by 2' making a new layout possible. Moved doorways, etc.. Upstairs, deleted walls of two incovienent closets, incorporating the...


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