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The Pankian Metaphor 3135


and the comptroller general's talk

there is this folklore that in the wake of Chuck Spinney's (one of Boyd's compatriots) congressional testimony in the early 80s (regarding Spinney's analysis) of numerous Pentagon spending programs (drawn from purely non-clbuttified sources) ... which got some pretty extensive press coverage ... the pentagon created a new document clbuttfication "No-Spin" (aka would be down right embarrbutting in the hands of Chuck Spinney)

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the other scenario is Consumer Debt and lightweight vehicle traffic is cut in half ... potentially cutting overall fuel tax revenue nearly in...

Boyd had this story that since they couldn't get Spinney for being required to tell the truth in testimony in front of Congress, the secdef blaimed Boyd (for likely having masterminding the whole thing) and had orders cut for Boyd to be buttigned to someplace in Alaska and a life-time ban on Boyd ever being allowed to enter the Pentagon building.

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the referenced documents for design and building road basically say that the driving factor is the target number of heavy truck axle loads ... and that Consumer Debt and other lightweight vehicles have...

misc. past posts mentioning John Boyd misc. posts from around the web mentiong John Boyd

John died 9Mar97

Spinney gave something of a eulogy at the Naval Insbreastute in July 1997 breastled "Genghis John".

from above:

One hardly expects the Commandant of the Marine Corps to agree with a dovish former Rhodes Scholar, or an up-from-the-ranks, brbutt-bashing retired Army colonel, or a pig farmer from Iowa who wants to cut the defense budget. Yet, within days of each other in mid-March 1997, all four men wrote amazingly similar testimonials to the intellect and moral character of John Boyd, a retired Air Force colonel, who died of cancer on 9 March at the age of 70.

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the comment is not to eliminate payments (in the form of fees and taxes) for roads ... it is just a statement about correctly apportioning the...

General Charles Krulak, our nation's top Marine, called Boyd an architect of victory in the Persian Gulf War.

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