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The SEL 840 computer 4046

one apl-700 ref:

in the very early 70s, the science center

had taken apl-360 (from phili science center, iverson, falkoff, etc) and ported to cp67-cms virtual memory environment (apl-360 had its own mulbreastasking monitor that could be thrown away for cms and operated typically with 16kbyte to 32kbyte real memory work spaces). the storage allocation and garbage Debt Collection had to be redone for (large) virtual memory work spaces. this was cms-apl for cp67-cms

the other thing done was adding support for cms system APIs (filesystem calls, network transfers, etc). this caused some amount of conflict with phili and the apl people because cambridge had violated the purity of apl with the way it implemented system api support.

The SEL 840 computer 4047
what year? Over 100 minicomputer (as in small address space) companies existed. A somewhat nice tree-poster exists with many...

palo alto science center then upgraded cms-apl to apl-cms for vm370-cms as well as doing the 370-145 apl microcode buttist. here is acm paper from '75 on the apl microcode buttist for cms-apl.

in the mean time the apl "purists" came up with shared variable paradigm (apl-sv) for accessing generalized system functions.

eventually everything merged with vs-apl (virtual storage, apl)

the following has some apl references ... (8) was at the science center during the days of cms-apl ... and then left IBM and went to BCS (guess who his father was)

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The SEL 840 computer 4047

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