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The SEL 840 computer 4048

Yup... saw 'em a lot a BRL in the 86 timeframe when I worked briefly for Alliant in Field Service. Didn't realize how big they were until I saw them all over BRL back then.

Had one Alliant at BRL I was the backup tech for... and a pile at AT&T Bell labs (about 6 or 8 FX-8's -- 68012 emulating boxes with pretty good BSD Unix... Course AT&T wanted to see SystemV on any product they'd resell (I was told). AT&T was planning to rebadge and resell back then. Lasted about 6 months at Alliant when I dropped out of their Field Service from overwork -- covering NY, PA, NJ at one time running between Allentown PA and Holmdel NJ Bell Labs 3 times in one day was just too much. Spent 3 days working without seeing home so I bailed. Ended up at Concurrent as a trainer and then Sysadmin...

(Concurrent then supplied Alliant's next tech who lasted exactly 6 months and ended up back at Concurrent from overwork...We compared notes.)

Alliant hurt itself with a bit of preannouncing new products and killing the domand for the existing ones -- like the move to VME bus FEP processors from the Multibus ones. Sales dropped. And the move to the i860 hadn't happened yet... I hear something similar happened. Craig Mundie ended up at Microsoft...

AT&T var'd the box with algorithms they had patents on for solving equations like airline schedule conflicts and flight crew availablity. The mark-up on the hardware was huge. Most customers decided to use IBM mainframes and run the stuff on their existing systems instead of the new parallel box.

It seemed funny when I ended up at Pyramid 4 years or so later with the Dual Universe BSDSysV box being sold under the AT&T label I saw the beginnings of that at Alliant...

Gould, not Harris
from above: 1988 Concurrent Computer Corporation merged with MbuttCOMP. 1985 Concurrent Computer Corporation spun off from the Perkin-Elmer Corporation. 1974 Datacraft acquired by Harris Corporation. 1973 Interdata acquired...

But then came NCR and I had to find another position again as sales dropped...

Most of Pyramid's business came from Siemens-Nixdorf and AT&T rebranded MIServer Pyramid design Berkeley-riscs and the MISserver S line (R3000 RISC based SVR4).

That was a smart move for the PR... I remember hearing about that Usenix.

harris was: SEL 4049
This is not Google's problem. This is the web's problem, and the people behind the web...

-- -- digital had it THEN. Don't you wish you could still buy it now!

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harris was: SEL 4049

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