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The Soul of Barb's New Machine 1136

That's been my impression.

This is a very small step. Note that this is handing out only the knowledge that had been shipped. There nothing about the thinking w.r.t. tradeoffs. Note also that code never reflects what was given up for each line of code written.

IBM, UNIVACSPERRY, BURROUGHS, and friends. Compare
Here in alt.folklore.computers, are still actively used in some places. My current workplace still uses both...

This step also doesn't teach one whit about machine language, little bitty bytey tricks of the trade, memory management, various forms of linked lists, stacks (of the raw variety), how to make docs, how to write good docs, how to build completely from scratch, how make distribubreastion tapes, how to respond to software performance reports, how to and what to broadcast to the world, what is a high-priority bug, what is a bug, etc.

Read the above list. Also read exchanges when a technical innovation is requested.

The two are incestuously linked. Ignore one, you get Micropoo; ignore the other, you get hacked.

Since I'm an expert on bit flows and managing bit flows from the output of neurons of bit gods to bits shipping to customers to customers causing neurons of the bit gods to fire, there are I can't think of a good word hereaspects of each technique that may have problems^W^W^Ware vulnerable.


Subtract a hundred and four for e-mail.

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IBM, UNIVACSPERRY, BURROUGHS, and friends. Compare

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