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The Soul of Barb's New Machine was creat 1148

I'm not taking this instance too personally but I never had time nor patience to reestablish territorial imperatives every f***ing time I sat down to a meeting with the same people.

I know but I'm finding I'm repeating myself. This happened once, and only once, while I worked. I suppose that's why Rupert reminds me of that guy.

I can't imagine any business types choosing this OS because there just wasn't any continuity between the standards of the various flavors. People in the biz developing apps certainly couldn't just simply say "pick a Unix". At least, from the odours I've been getting, this is starting to get "fixed". The fastest way to do it, IMO, is through the gaming community.

Do you think the problem was bad-mouthing? I always thought the problems were basic NIH implementations. That was certainly the problem with DEC in-house Unixes.

Good. Does it handle comm with equal agility? That's the other aspect of implementing an SMP on a platform. JMF discovered one had to choose between the two when he did his Unix SMP project. I don't remember this being a tradeoff when we did the TOPS-10 SMP project. Note that I am not stating that there weren't problems; there were. But can't recall a tradeoff decision occuring.

That's a shame. We had envisioned future OS implementation and modifications to be written with minimal lock-out in mind. And then the world got infected with PCitis and everything had to be relearned all over again.

I sometimes wonder what we would have produced if we'ld have been able to get a particular KL desktop made.

No,no. System state.

The Soul of Barb's New Machine 1149
That's an aspect of a successful evolution of the technology. The problem, as I see it, is that IBM didn't force old code to "convert" to new the...

Sure, I expect this would happen because the whole computing service business has had a 1:1 tie to hardware. But it doesn't mean we can't think about such a thingie now.

I don't see why you have to propogate state IF the context saved is a "system". In my foggy, inexperienced mind, the first handshake at plug would be with an emulator who queries the new plugged-in device about which hard-software platform it's been using.

Why would you need authentication if the context of the device was a full-blown system? My idea would solve a tonne of security problems with the caveat that I haven't thought much about network protocols (I'm not very qualified to this one.)


Subtract a hundred and four for e-mail.

The Soul of Barb's New Machine was creat 1151
I've used it, albeit on a i386 ~20-33 MHz and I didn't think it sucked. Yes, and...

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The Soul of Barb's New Machine 1149

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