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The Soul of Barb's New Machine was creat 1168

They need a lot.

I noticed; it's going to be an Achilles' heel of Open Source. That's what happens when there is a singular bit god. Why do you think VMS was such a f***ing mess? JMF had TW and TW had JMF; each bopped the other on the head when they were being stupid.

I haven't done enough data-gathering to be able to tell how to approach this problem; hell, I haven't even gathered enough to be able to judge whether I should tackle this problem.

creat 1170
IIRC, there still are in those packets. What I wanted to do sometime (when I had spare cash to blow and energy to play) quality...

Tell me about it. I must be the only ball-challenged person in this world. I find mice absolutely impossible to manipulate and trackballs are almost as difficult. At least a trackball mechanism can't run off the pad.

Among my other requirements is I will also want an operating system such that any net access can be dumped to NUL: with a single well-placed JFCL patch (PDP-10's NOOP of choice).


The Soul of Barb's New Machine was creat 1169
And will crash on just about all 'modern' sites. No thanks. Read carefully, I recommend this only once: - Buy a small form-factor peecee that is...

I find that happens whenever I read something that requires brain energy. It poops out almost immediately. But I wouldn't have guessed that magazine for you. You seem to take to economics as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Well, that how you look on this side of my TTY.


Subtract a hundred and four for e-mail.

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The Soul of Barb's New Machine was creat 1169

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