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The very first text editor 3646

wrote, in part:

I would tend to interpret his question so as to be as much according to his words as possible.

The very first text editor 3647
I don't know about today's biz. Based on the poo I have that seems to require midnight mbuttes, blood, chickens, and first born giveaways, about the only thing you can do...

People preparing a FORTRAN program to run on a computer used to punch it on cards. Some card punches let you copy part of a card on to a new card and then start typing different text. Let's not count that, or replacing one card in a deck by a new card.

When would the computer have been used to edit text?

We can certainly say when the computer would have been used to format text. As soon as line printers with lower-case became available - and, for that matter, even before.

For editing text, the requirement is clear now, and the reason one doesn't find much about the 'first text editor' is clear. When would people type a FORTRAN program in at a terminal, instead of at a keypunch, store it in a file on a disk, and then compile, and make changes?

So the 'first text editor' would simply be overshadowed... as a component of the *first time-sharing system*. Later, in the era of minicomputers, one user might use the console typewriter of a machine that didn't even have a card reader. But then, inexpensive configurations wouldn't have a disk either, and rely on paper tape for storage.

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The very first text editor 3647

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The very first text editor 3645