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The very first text editor 3647

The very first text editor 3648
You might try googling for "teco users guide dec-11-uteca" PDP-11 Teco User's Guide Chapters 3-5 cover the...

I don't know about today's biz. Based on the poo I have that seems to require midnight mbuttes, blood, chickens, and first born giveaways, about the only thing you can do efficiently is create new files. Editing is simply Not Done. And I'm talking about real editing...not this step, step, stop, step, stop, step, stop, backup, backup, step, VT, insert, rubout, step, insert, fuss, fuss, fuss, format, poo.

Q-registers could contain commands, characters from the file you're editing and maybe even your dinner. I was just a newbie TECO user. There were people, like TW, who wrote programs with TECO commands.

I used TECO to determine if today was Tuesday. If so, then my batch job would run. It was all automatigically done so I didn't have to be present on Tuesday to submit the batch job. The only work I had to do was make sure the -10 monitor guys hadn't deleted the batch queue while debugging MPB and-or GALAXY. (At that time, my job was to collect machine usage data so the users could be charged.)

A common series of commands that I would use would be to find the numeric position of a character within a file; find the numeric position of the last character I wished to extract from the file; type n,m$QA which put the cut into q register A; open another file; search for the place I wanted to insert; type GA......

The very first text editor 3649
snip You might also try, if you haven't already, the other major player in the long-running Unix Editor Wars, namely vi (or one of its clones-successors). I'm a vim user, and some of...

I've got the specifics all f***ed up. Anyway. I could cut and paste using TECO about 20 times faster wall-clock time than I can with the current webby poo. I would guess that it would take me hours to do an edit with todays video stuff where it would take a minute or two to do it with TECO on a 48K KA-10 TOPS-10 system using a TTY with a speed of 110 baud.


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The very first text editor 3648

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The very first text editor 3646