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Ah. Got it. Maybe this is a case of "compared to what?" -- compared to doing things with multiple levels of menus, emacs is concise, but compared to TECO it's not?

Too bad you've written off vi as "its users are lost to humanity", though :-), because it has that "every character a command" property, for which vi users are also happy to accept the need to preface inserted strings with "i" or "a". Having to use "esc" to end the inserted string .... is more annoying than it used to be, when the key labeled "esc" was in a more accessible place. But that's another rant.

If emacs doesn't count as "powerful and concise and available for Windows", how about vim?

Yeah well. Speaking of not speaking TECO: I think I did accidentally start it up once (typed "date" in circumstances in which the first two characters were ignored), and .... Well, the way I remember it, I had to go to another terminal (no, not another window -- this was a while back) and start killing processes, because I could *not* guess the combination of keys needed to get out. Comical, almost.

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The very first text editor 3660

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