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The purpose of storytelling is pbutt on info and experience. Even auld farts benefit from this jawing about bits. These people emoticon gestures to all the bit gods are not used to fooling around about past tasks without clbuttifying techniques to work with today's jobs. I can "see" every one of those guy's heads going think, clunk, chunk, whirr and they get something new to try.

This is unique biz where the pioneers are still working and not dry summaries in a text book. This means that they are still active at pioneering. I'd like to keep that pioneering going just a tad longer; the computing biz desparately needs it.

US Military Dead during Iraq War 1038
I certainly agree that the storytelling is pbutting on info and experience. I do *not* always see that the old-timers are learning something new every time. I...

I've noticed that atbreastude in the non-bit gods. My whole point is that the way we used to do it will not work now. However, the thinking styles that were used to make things work back then, can solve the problems of today (which are horrible). This thinking style isn't getting taught.

Of course each person has his-her own reason. But to ban pbutting knowledge just because it's new is unappetizing to my work ethic.

If you want more kiddies to take interest, you're going to have to stop behaving like a 20-year old snob. For instance, the public library here is dumping books that are "old" and have outdated information. Now, think about that and the atbreastude. All of science is built on outdated information. About the only thing that isn't dependent on "outdated" information in that library is the f***ing misoft OSes they're using.

Kiddies are getting taught that "old" is no good. They aren't getting taught about how things get made. They are getting taught that stuff appears just by wishing and clicking. They aren't taught banking and money management. They are never shown how stuff gets manufactured (insurance is too high for manufacturers to give tours).

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This is largely a product of short term outcome oriented business Debt Management thinking. Maximize short term profit, future be damned. The problem...

And I've just committed a horrible sin because I've written the start of an answer to blmblm's post but it's in another thread.

US Military Dead during Iraq War 1040
Colonel Forbin) writes: At the time I left one PPOE, I coined the term "invalidation of knowledge...


Subtract a hundred and four for e-mail.

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US Military Dead during Iraq War 1038

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