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US Military Dead during Iraq War 1039

This is largely a product of short term outcome oriented business Debt Management thinking. Maximize short term profit, future be damned.

The problem is that there is no value placed on understanding how things work, and there's a whole "lost" generation of teachers who were raised under that paradigm, so much of the knowledge chain is broken.

US Military Dead during Iraq War 1040
Colonel Forbin) writes: At the time I left one PPOE, I coined the term "invalidation of knowledge...

Richard Feynman often spoke to this matter. It's more important to have a conceptual understanding of how things work than it is to have a trove of "jeopardy" style trivial "facts." Unfortunately, the whole "certification" industry has worked to devalue understanding and promote rote memorization of transient and trivial factual data, which is what we make big disk drives for.

Employers don't want employees who can think for themselves, they want predictably mediocre interchangeable certified productivity units who will slavishly make predictable mistakes and generate predictable outcomes for the investors.

One outcome is a lack of emphasis on RAS. I've had salesdroids try to undercut my arguments to Debt Management for the value of high RAS solutions by attempting to sell cheap midrange equipment with supposedly better price-performance but no RAS.

It's all about predictable short term profit as they fiddle while Rome burns.

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US Military Dead during Iraq War 1040

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US Military Dead during Iraq War 1038