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US Military Dead during Iraq War 1052


Some leakage?!

Define hard currency. And how much do you think was enough? I don't remember how many millions was in that one chunk that was found.

You can say this as fact? Do you honestly think that the blockage was a continuous line around that country? Do you honestly believe that there was no smuggling?

US Military Dead during Iraq War 1053
Hard currency = a world traded currency such as could be used to buy WMD materials on the...

You completely discount biologicals.

You have a serious problem with timelines.

Those are not the people who received the money.

And how would you distribute it? Don't forget the little items like the international airports in states like Illinois, Missouri, etc.

Right. That would have given a 5-year lead of mess prevention.

What are you talking about? AFAICT, that org is still getting pursued.

So you, speaking for the majority of Iraqi peoples, are stating that they don't want us there while they make a transition? How many Iraqis did you talk to who had this opinion? What was their position within their government?

Or are you using CBS' reports as the only events that are occuring in Iraq?

US Military Dead during Iraq War 1054
Offically (as opposed to unofficial, private involvement), only since WWII have we been involved in a big...


Subtract a hundred and four for e-mail.

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US Military Dead during Iraq War 1053

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US Military Dead during Iraq War 1051