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US Military Dead during Iraq War 1053

Hard currency = a world traded currency such as could be used to buy WMD materials on the open market. It takes more than a few million $ to build an effective WMD. Most of the money was used for food and medicine. While I'm sure there was some leakage it wasn't enough, especially with the inspections and controls in other countries where they might be buying the materials driving up the cost.

Of course there was some. But was it of weapons, or a few contraband luxury goods for Iraq's wealthy? Iraq's immediate neighbors don't have WMD either.

Them either. Biological weapons are hard to handle so that they don't do more damage to your own people than the enemy. For instance, buttume that some group got ahold of smallpox virus. No doubt they could kill a bunch of people with it. But who'd be in a position to get most of their population innoculated first? The developed countries. They'd kill a lot more people in the third world than in the U.S. or Europe.

Oh, right, the Republicans just gave the money to a bunch of Democrats out of a spirit of generosity and fair play?

Of course you have to protect airports everywhere. But you don't need to spend nearly as much defending a bunch of rangeland in Wyoming as you do cities and ports.

Yet right up there you're saying it's fine that Bush diverted forces from Afghanistan that were looking for al Qaeda leadership to go on his vendetta against Saddam instead.

Much of the force was diverted in order to invade and occupy Iraq.

US Military Dead during Iraq War 1056
Yup. Most of that was the rug, spice and oil biz. There must have been some tourist trade...

Actually I get most of my news from NPR and the Seattle PI.

Maybe you should examine where you get your news. Your news told you Iraqis would be greeting our troops with flowers and that Saddam had WMD.

US Military Dead during Iraq War 1054
Offically (as opposed to unofficial, private involvement), only since WWII have we been involved in a big way in the Middle East. Until then...

-- Patrick

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US Military Dead during Iraq War 1054

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