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US Military Dead during Iraq War 1065

Sorry. I had a very bad typo. It should have been "adapt" not adopt.

But the fear a success. It would mean a severe loss of power to them.

Nope. It is proper for us to invade any country that has an intent to attack. Note that invasion is the last choice available. I think there is a term for this.

US Military Dead during Iraq War 1066
how They are worrying a lot about it. That's why they are doing something about it today and not waiting until...


And now they went back again.

Sigh! The way Islam works is not a "real" democracy, but it is a self-rule based on consensus. The traditional way was more like the way the US states chose the representatives for the Federal level. The difference between this Islam democracy and the US' is separation of church and state. Islam's civil law is from their church; Jews have a similar set of laws.

The problem I see with an Islamic-based government is that the power checks are extremely weak and have been eroding over the last two centuries to the point where ruling is now top-down and not bottom-up.

I haven't figured out any way to insert power checks for situations where the consensus is coerced by promises of violence and destruction. This is what the Imams are going to have to deal with and solve. If they don't, Islam will be destroyed soon after Western civilization.


Subtract a hundred and four for e-mail.

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US Military Dead during Iraq War 1066

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US Military Dead during Iraq War 1064