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On Sat, 15 Jan 2005 17:24:25 +0000, John Savard

I think you're the only one on the planet who thinks this way. ...outide the executive suites in Santa Clara, that is.

The first PC circa 1965 1299
Tim Shoppa And the Wang. Those all appeared later than the DAC. The DAC was preceded by the Mathatronics, which was effectively about 1-8 the DAC and...

The *claim* hasn't been shown to be true. The *claim* hasn't shown that it is worth the development expense to overcome. The *claim* hasn't shown crap. Itanic is ten years late and a thousand times short of its goal. Promises don't pay the bills. SO far that's all Itanic has been, promises.

Oh, now we have to wait for "magic"?

Why would you think this? This is an absurd position, considering history. IBM went down this path (redefining the ISA with *billions* of dollars of software instantly obsoleted) with FS thirty years ago. They were smart enough to bail before theeir customers did. Intel isn't quite so smart and let AMD wedge in their architecture.

Nonsense. Intel owned both and they were backwards compatable. Itanic is in no way backwards compatable and indeed Intel left that out after the Itanic-I. It's a failed chip, let it rest in peace. Your wishes won't make a turkey into a swan.

VMS coming back to life 1297
part: On the other hand, I have to admit that I see no evidence that the people in "the...

You really aren't paying attention. The whole reason behind Itanic was that X86 was already licensed to the hilt. Notice that Intel and HP formed a seperate IP holding company to protect the IP. DO you *really* think Intel want's to license the ISA? Come on! Give it up!

Given, given, given. Why doesn't it *produce*? The fact is that it's a looser, and has been trumped by AMD and the various RISC processors. AMD has the compatability and RISCs are better performing, if you have money to burn. Where does Itanic fit in the market?

Oh, my! Now we're asking an 8051 to bail out 370s. Yikes!

Dream on!

The first PC circa 1965 1298
CBFalconer Very interesting. I'm somewhat familiar with the Monroe-Litton calculators of around that time (I have a couple that I occasionally...

-- Keith

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