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Was FORTRAN buggy 4352

My style was to set a breakpoint at START:: and $X for a while. Remember that we're talking about something 100% unknown to us. When I get bored with that, then I write little stubs like you do. It does help to have a bug to work with than to just get acquainted with the code.

Was FORTRAN buggy 4353
snip Yup. (I'm not sure I'd have recognized him from the picture, but I remember the name, just wasn't entirely sure about the spelling.) Nope. I'm not sure...
Was FORTRAN buggy 4354
Peter Flbutt Same for me, about the same time, but I can't remember the details. I can't...

I did this from the POV of a user FORTRAN program...the code generated by FORTRAN compilers is loopy. I always wanted to do this technique from the POV of the FORTRAN compiler but never got around to it. The times I had nothing to do was when the system was dead.

One of suggestions I made to RDH was to add the capability of setting up a string of DDT commands to be executed when the specified breakpoint is hit. Set the TTY scroll low enough so you can read as the breakpoints get hit, and you can "watch" the code execute while your hands play with something else. That's getting two things done at the same time.

I kept trying to figure out how to arrange things so I could get a third thing done, but didn't figure it out.


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Was FORTRAN buggy 4353

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