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What ever happened to Tandem and NonStop OS 2018

I think its a reasonable analogy for the most part. It has a number of other applicable elements;

What ever happened to Tandem and NonStop OS 2020
This is where Linus had some run-ins with this group a few years ago. It...

- senders may request qualities of service "expedited or reliable" service, etc.. without necessarily changing the protocol characteristics.

- undeliverable messages are (usually) signalled

- the response to a message is not necessarily coupled with the transmission of the original message from the perspective of the mail service. However, stations forming intermediate hops between the sender and receiver could well observe traffic frequency between the two and reserve processing capacity to move that mail more expeditiously.

- Denial of Service attacks or even simple nework probing are often uncannily similar to junk mail.

- OTOH, there is at present no useful concept of postage on a wide IP internetwork- which makes communicating very cheap, the price being its also cheap to annoy people with unsolicited crap.

- One subtle difference though, on IP at least, there are a set of known protocols. Intermediate routing nodes can use the protocol identifiers to enforce policy. buttuming the mail service supported such a thing, this would probably be analagous to marking the envelope as "single letter" or "part of a bidirectional chain of letters" so the post office could provide more suitable processing.

I'm not sure I understand the 1st sentence of your 2nd paragraph. If there is a container around a bunch of envelopes going to zipcode 4****, each envelope in that bunch can contain an arbitrary number of envelopes, which themselves can contain others. The fact they are in the same container is entirely a consequence of the zipcode on the outermost envelope.


What ever happened to Tandem and NonStop OS 2019
some amount of networking used to refer to (copper line, point-to-point) communication. it was one of the places that osi fell-down ,,, that, and iso mandating...

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What ever happened to Tandem and NonStop OS 2019

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What ever happened to Tandem and NonStop OS 2017