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What ever happened to Tandem and NonStop OS 2070

Delusion? :-( Do you still have it?

Yea. That was a pesky problem and I don't think we (DEC) knew enough about it. Would IBM have had a better idea since they knew how to do serious batch? I wasn't clear to me that distributed computing was the same as distributed processing (I don't think I wrote this clearly).


emoticon's brain just boggled and jiggled This makes absolulely no sense. Some days I wonder how humans ever stood upright.

Yup. That's the only way. It sounded like everything would have had to be rewritten twice.

What ever happened to Tandem and NonStop OS 2073
SNIP Instead of looking at plans A & B, there is always plan C. Don't hack up someone else's code, roll your own, but keep the API & userland UNIX...

DECnet. For a long time, VMS.

Sounds like the so-called source reviews--$100K spent over a couple meetings to correct spelling mistakes in comments.

If your project hasn't had the territorial imperatives settled by the third meeting, it's in trouble. All of those tech resolution meetings were merely trying to reestablish the project's territories. Note that I just made this new computing law up; it just sorta zoomed through my head and into my fingers.

But features implies functional spec. and the prelim project plan hadn't been done. Bbuttackwards.

What ever happened to Tandem and NonStop OS 2071
ref: part of it was that the valley was the hot bed of all sort of activities ... some topic drift: and the other part was the company was so large ... that...

TOPS-10's style would have been for two or three to quietly go away and write it while everybody else was busy butterting their feet into it. Were you able to do that in your company?

From what I hear, this is how new thing are made, except the people who disappear don't stay on the payroll; they quit and incorporate a new company which gets bought out by the company who used to employ them. This is fine for the young and foolish without kids but doesn't seem fine for middle age. Then there is the aspect of the purchasing company not retaining their brain power.


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What ever happened to Tandem and NonStop OS 2071

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What ever happened to Tandem and NonStop OS 2069